Who are we?

It’s from the encounter between a mechanical sport passionate and a father dedicated to the career of his son that RPM84 was born. That’s how Franck Gratzmuller, CEO of Field Automobile and Didier Cresson, former international motocross pilot, have decided to create this management company for mechanical sport pilots. 

“Our will is to offer the possibility to shine nationally and internationally for young Belgian hopes. 

Our collaboration started at the launch of the 2018 SuperSport600 World Championship season with the young rider Loris Cresson from Braine L’Alleud (BE). This partnership quickly brought results as our young pilot signed with two new sponsors before the launch of the season: Bell and Bihr. 

Our ambition is to assist and carry our young athletes with the launch of a professional career in the mechanical sports. Managing a sporting career requires to act on several fronts: professionally through the research of teams and opportunities for the pilot but also financially through the research of sponsors and partners ready to support the athlete in the development of his career. 

Looking further than the purely professional aspect, RPM84 is also about the search for the fulfillment of our pilots in their lives. It’s about bringing our moral and psychological support in the harsher moments of a career. It’s about finding adapted solutions to the needs of everyone, should it be professional or personal. It’s bouncing back together when we fail and moving forward together to success. 


Enrolling with RPM84, it’s the guarantee of disposing of a competent team and a consequential network of professional working together to best guide our young athletes towards the heavens promised to them. Our achievement, it’s yours.”